Super Short Story - Evil, Bed, Cow

Last month's writing prompt required a 100 word or less short story involving the three words.  Actually, I had a choice between these words Evil, Bed, Cow, or these:  Anxiety, Piano, Clown or Anger, Coffee, Cave or Luck, Shoes and Onion.

Since I am not a fan of clowns (yes, I find them creepy), coffee or onions, I opted for Evil, Bed and Cow.  Here's my super short story. I hope you find it to be an interesting use of these words.

Evil, Bed, Cow

I roll over in the lumpy bed, twisted in the sheets from my nightly battle with the forces of good and evil which rage in my head.  Gingerly, I toss off the sweat soaked sheets. My head throbs with the lingering dehydration from the fifth of whiskey I guzzled only a few hours ago. Pain medication I tell myself.

The sun has been up for a good twenty minutes which means I'm already an hour behind schedule. I wince as I bend down to pull on the dirty jeans I've worn for a week. No point in putting on a fresh t-shirt because there …

Crazy Criminals

As a writer I am always searching for new ways to murder people - on the page of course. Since murder is serious business I like a bit of humor inserted wherever I can. This led me to find odd or funny crimes committed by crazy or clumsy criminals.  I'm going to share these from time to time.

Here's one from the AP on May 13, 2017 which made me laugh:

BANGOR, Maine (AP) — In a misstep that would seem to run counter to her business model, a woman who offers a semi-nude cleaning service was arrested for stealing underwear.

Police in Bangor, Maine, say the woman is the owner-operator of a business called Topless Cleaning. She was caught shoplifting undergarments from a local business.

Bangor Police Sgt. Tim Cotton left a lengthy, humorous post about the arrest on the police department’s Facebook page. He says the woman “had stolen garments that would fully cover, support, and contain much of what her business title promised her customers.”

Cotton also says potential patrons should “k…


It is always a special occasion when I have the opportunity to donate a book to the local library.  This is the Fauquier County Library in Virginia and a great resource for me as a young adult.  Even more fun was being able to share the moment with my niece Hannah. 

Happy Trails,


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What is cowboy?

As far back as I can remember I loved the 'wild west'. I read books about it, spent hours watching westerns on television and loved everything that involved horses. My favorite and oldest childhood memory is of the trip to visit my paternal grandmother. On the way I would beg my parents to stop at a place where they gave pony rides. If I was lucky, on the way home, e would stop.  Heaven!

Flash forward more than fifty years and I still have a love of the west and, of course, horses.  But I have to ask myself the question - what is a cowboy today? 

I frequently tell people on my travels that one of the attractions which drew me to Arizona was that it retains some of that flavor - there are wild horses wandering the desert and if you are lucky, you may see some of the wild burros near Lake Pleasant. Fly over and you will see tracts of land devoted to farming.  Drive up to Cave Creek and you may see a horse tied up to a post outside of a local bar (next to one of those steel hors…

Jayne's Restaurant Review - Mastro's Ocean Club

Dined here with 3 friends and can't wait to go back.  This is part of a small chain of high-end restaurants owned by the Mastros Group.  In Arizona they have 3 locations - the Ocean Club, City Hall and the North Scottsdale Steakhouse. 

The restaurant has a quiet sophistication as soon as you enter. On the night we went they had a two piece band in the bar and there is a very tiny dance area in front.  The bar is sizeable with tables surrounding it of which some are considered restaurant and some are bar.

We started with the beef carpaccio, Caesar salad and calamari. I ordered the crab cakes but our server forgot to put them in.

For dinner my friends shared the Porterhouse for two, the Broncini, Brussel sprouts and the gorgonzola mac and cheese.  I had the twin lobster tails with vinegar shoestring fries.  For dessert we shared the warm butter cake.

With two mid-range bottles of wine our dinner came to $480 with tip.  A pricey meal but it was a special occasion.  I would definitel…

Book Review - Murder at the Courthouse by A. H. Gabhart

This is a cozy mystery and the first I have read by this author.  The story centers around a very small town and a murder that occurs, you guessed it, on the courthouse steps.  Deputy Sheriff Michael Keane takes the lead on the investigation and is the main character.

I was slightly confused about the various law enforcement agencies and who was in charge of whom in the book. It may be my fault for reading it a few pages at a time but having been involved in small town police (as Clerk of the Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court), I know they usually work separately.

In this book, a local gossip is the first to find the body.  The evidence is then immediately trampled by the head Judge - something which would never occur. Michael is involved, as well as Buck Garrett of the state police, Paul Osgood a town policeman nd the Sheriff. The Sheriff wants Michael to report to Paul Osgood and I'm not sure how Buck fits into the picture at all.  There's also their other dep…

Southern Lady to kick off summer

Keeping with last month's Cinco de Mayo drink, the Gringo Swizzler I wanted to represent the ladies this month.  What better way than to mix up a batch of Southern Lady

2 oz bourbon
1 oz Southern Comfort - if you have never tasted this is a sweeter liquor
1 oz Amaretto
3 oz pineapple juice
2 oz lemon and lime soda

Combine the bourbon, Southern Comfort, Amaretto and pineapple juice in a shake half filled with ice.
Shake well.
Strain into a Collins or parfait glass
Add Soda
Garnish with fruit and a cherry - I use pineapple, orange slice and cherry on a stick for a pretty presentation

You can leave out the alcohol and substitute crushed pineapple for a Southern Virgin Lady.  Blend the pineapple and pineapple juice well.  Pout into a Collins or parfait glass with ice and top with soda.  Garnish with orange slice and cherry.  You may wish to add a splash of orange juice to taste.

Remember to always drink responsibly.



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